Undelete Files on Notebook

Please have a look at my problem. Yesterday when I thought to deleted some unwanted files on my notebook, I have accidentally deleted some of my important files. I have checked the Recycle Bin to restore important files from it but the files are not present. Now, I’m in a shivering position. I need toContinue reading

How to Recover Word 2010 Documents?

“Hi, Today morning I was working on MS Office Word 2010 Documents, suddenly I terminated the Word application on Windows system without saving it. When I restarted the Word App, I couldn’t find those document. Can anyone tell me how to recover my Word 2010 document?” You can recover Word 2010 document files by followingContinue reading

Adobe PDF File Recovery Software

“Hi everyone, I have made a big mistake!! Accidentally I have erased an adobe PDF file which was created with lot of efforts. I was bit relaxed that I can restore that file from recycle bin, but I was shocked to see that the deleted PDF file does not exist in Recycle bin also. ItContinue reading