Signs of Virus on Computer

A virus is an infectious agent that complicates and impacts the normal working of a computer. These computer viruses may be disguising itself within programs, folders/files or any other piece of virtual component that people regularly utilize. Besides this virus has capability of replicating itself by spreading its infections through portable devices as well. ThereContinue reading

New iOS Apps for Wikipedia

Today, Wikipedia has launched an upgraded version of iOS application. By using this application user can get information as well as they can upload their articles and images. This app has been optimized for Apple’s newer OS and latest iPhones i.e. 6s and 6s Plus. It support for 3D Touch and Spotlight Search integrations. This applicationContinue reading

Steps To Update BIOS

BIOS are an expanded form of Basic Input Output System. It is a Microprocessor program which allows Computer to get started once it turned on. It can also control the data flow between computer and attached devices like mouse, keyboard, adapter, printer, hard disk, etc. It is a small sized chip available on motherboard whichContinue reading

Lightweight 15 inch LG Laptop

    Nowadays all are looking for lightweight laptop because one can easily carry anywhere or any places. So LG Company came forward and introduced lightweight laptop with a 15.6-inch screen. It looks like notebook which weighs more than 3 pounds. However, LG breaks the notebook pattern with a 2.16-pound, 15.6-inch version of its Gram notebook. This Gram 15 is availableContinue reading

PS4 Games of 2016

Now let us discuss about the features of PS4 game of 2016:  Uncharted 4: Among thieves: Uncharted 4: Among thieves is the one of the best PS4 Games of 2016. Here we mentioned about the game how it will work: When a grenade goes off in the market, the blast sends neatly stacked pineapples flyingContinue reading

2016’s State of Gaming:

Now everyone’s focus is towards 2016, as 2015 is about to end. And very common question asked is which video games will be played next year? Does virtual fact and video games will get huge success or still significant errors will be faced while playing them? As we all are excited about gaming, so letContinue reading