Coming Stage Of Machine Learning Teach Robots The Way Human Think

Artificial Neural Networks is a part of machine learning. It is a system of well defined programs and algorithms that performs operations equal to human brain.

For past few years, scientists and engineers doing experiments on machine to make them think like human.

Recently, an experiment from MIT determines the capabilities of machine learning. Researchers have figured out that, how to make a machine identity by using particular classes and objects.

By giving the information about the characters creation to the computer, then the machine will able to understand the components and replicate them itself.

How machines will identify objects?

A new approach from Georgia Tech research services are in progress in the creation of machines that predicts human thinking with the help of random projection. The researches realized that, humans use less information to identify objects..

The key to machine learning to predict human minds is, the extent of the researchers have programmed it to replicate neural networks similarly like humans. Consider another example, scientists at UC Berkeley have using neural network programming to construct a robot to teach by itself.

If you observe computers and robots from the early days, there is a lot of advancement in robotic technology. But those days are not far where robots will thinks like humans.

Note: So, the scientist hope that their researches are going to give a robot that operates like a human in world.