How to Fix Boot “BCD File Is Missing” Error On Windows?

“Hello guys! I upgraded my Windows OS to latest version and really annoyed with it upon encountering continuous error pop ups. It reads something like this

“The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information


Error code: 0xc0000034”

I am not able to boot my system in a normal way; the above error welcomes me each time I load my computer. I have to safeguard all my vital files and data before losing them due to the BCD error. Could anyone prescribe me a solution to resolve this issue? If so, please do help me”

If you come across such problem like the above scenario, what will you do? Worry? Just relax because you are not alone. This kind of error generally faced among Windows users in large number. Go through this editorial page to discover few methods that could solve your issue.

There are two causes for facing such errors. They are:

  1. When Windows Boot Manager(Bootmgr) entry is missing in Boot Configuration Data(BCD) store. This entry can be mistakenly made corrupt/ deleted by virus invasion
  2. The Boot\BCD file is corrupt/missing on active partition

Are you thinking about a way to fix “Boot BCD file is missing” error? Here you go…Try some troubleshooting methods to fix this error on Windows-

First Method: Using Startup Repair option

Step 1: insert Windows installation disc and start the system

Step 2: Select language, currency, time and keyboard or another input method and hit on next

Step 3: Click on Repair your computer

Step 4: Choose the OS that needs to be repaired and click on next

Step 5: Click on Startup Repair option from System Recovery Options

Step 6: Restart the system

Second Method: By running bootrec command to rebuild BCD

Step 1: Boot your system from USB/DVD

Step 2: Click on Repair your computer

Step 3: Opt for Troubleshoot and run command prompt

Step 4: Type the commands given below





Step 5: After finishing bootrec, type


Step 6: Hit on Enter and restart your computer

Upon trying above methods if still you are dissatisfied with its result and if problem still exists, then switch to next method. Try to backup all your data and files with upcoming approach.

Third Method: By employing a software to securely get back data

Step 1: Press here and download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on Windows

Step 2: Launch the program after installing it

Step 3: Select “Partition Recovery” option after choosing the drive

Step 4: Once scanning starts, a set of files will be enlisted pick up desired ones

Step 5: “Preview” regained files

Step 6: Save restored files onto destination location

Why particularly Yodot Hard Drive Recovery utility?

It is easy to regain data and files after facing BCD errors on Windows with this application. Advanced scanning algorithms makes it possible to scan each and every sector for complete data recovery. “Preview” option helps to confirm thorough retrieval of data. USB flash drives, external hard drives and interfaces like IDE, SATA, PATA, ATA are being supported by this application. There is no compatibility issue while working with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and windows Server 2008 versions.