How to Recover Data from Sony Compact Flash Card?

“Hi everyone! I lost all my photos and videos that were stored on Sony CF Card. Those media files were captured on my sister’s wedding occasion last month. Problem started when I used the same card on two different cameras for several times. Now I am not able to fetch a single file from it and I did not even backup those pictures and videos. I really need an alternative to bring those data back. Please provide me a solution to resolve this issue. Help!”

If you’re going through this editorial, then it means you have experienced some data loss situation just like above mentioned scenario and looking for an answer. No worries, just proceed with further sections to discover ways to handle such cases.

 Some of the common causes for losing data on Flash cards: 

  • Virus and Malware invasion on card when files downloaded from insecure network is saved
  • While removing junk files from storage card, deleting vital files in an accidental way
  • Formatting the CF card by mistake
  • Interruption during transfer of data from Flash card to computer or vice-versa
  • Using camera even when battery level has completely drained and alerting with warning beeps
  • On utilizing the same card on many devices like camera, mobile phones and others

If your Sony CF card is problematic, these symptoms are commonly observed:

  1. Some files will be missing on Memory card
  2. Read and write operation cannot be performed on camera
  3. On inserting the card, message alert to format the card will be popped up very often
  4. Copying files will be difficult from card to device

Wondering about how to recover Sony compact flash card data? Just ease off and find an effective way to restore it with the help of Yodot Photo Recovery application.

This recover utility is built with an advanced scanning technology that is able to recover deleted and lost files on corrupt/damaged Sony flash cards without altering data. It effectively brings back files such as videos, pictures, RAW images, doc files, music files and many more on corrupt memory cards. Not just CF cards, other storage devices like hard drives, SD cards, memory sticks, Pen-drives, etc. can be recovered using this tool. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 are the Operating system versions that are compatible with this software.

Discover all your data on Sony CF card by implementing the procedure provided below.

Step 1: Insert Sony Flash card onto Windows computer => Get access to Yodot Photo Recovery application from here => Install it => Run the program and go through each provided instruction.

Step 2: Choose either “Lost Photo Recovery” or “Deleted Photo Recovery” option based on your requirement => Click on the drive that represents your CF memory card => Press “Next”

Step 3: Scan process will be initiated => Pick desired files from retrievable file list, displayed on screen.

Step 4: After recovery process ends, “Preview” files to confirm => Store restored data on destination drive (other than CF card)