Is It Possible to Find My Files on Macintosh?

Are you looking for files that disappeared unnoticeably from your Mac? Not understanding why did this happen all of a sudden? Then take a break, learn more about the reasons for this issue –also get to know how to find lost files – how to prevent them for not to occur in future.

Unable to find files: There are numerous causes that make files invisible on your Macintosh. Even Finder tool won’t help you out. Some generally reported file loss situations includes:

  1. Interruption during file transfer
  2. Abruptly terminating system when any file is in use
  3. Unaware of auto empty option being enabled
  4. Emptied trash items without checking data on it

Real-time instances

>> “I mistakenly deleted an important file in my friend’s Mac computer and I immediately need to restore it back. I double checked the Trash for that particular file but couldn’t locate. It’s urgent, please help!!”

>> “I’m very much shocked to see that some of my files on my desktop that I created recently, disappeared all of a sudden, I don’t know what went wrong. I have no idea how these number of files missing. How do I find my files on Mac?

Solutions to bring back disappeared files on Mac

Initially you might search for required files with Finder tool, this will definitely solve if it’s a minor issue. Even more, if you have a proper backup then there is nothing to worry about, you can simply copy them back. If not, utilize the Mac Spotlight utility (in Yosemite and later versions): To open, press Command + Space buttons simultaneously. Specify the filename in the search box, see if it can index your files. (you can also start Spotlight search directly clicking on magnifying glass icon on menu bar).

Beyond this, if you have not succeeded in looking for your erased files then fortunately, you got one more solution, which is Yodot Mac File Recovery application. It could surely get you out of this trouble. In such cases of deletion and lost, you can implement some fine solutions like this.

Get to know more about this tool:

When your files get deleted they actually seem like they no more exist in your system. Deleted items stay as it is in same storage location unless overwritten with some other data. So, it has made possible for this file recovery utility to retrieve those erased data. Yodot tool could prove to be helpful especially for recovering files when deletion/loss situations are encountered. When it comes to lost files, the tool thoroughly scans your entire storage and gets back your desired data within a fraction of a time. It includes a RAW search feature whereby users can look for their required type of file and experience instant results. With aid of this software, without much effort files will reach back to your hands in an effective way. All file types including text, audio, video, spreadsheets, emails and other media files are well-supported to this program. For any kind of assistance, you can contact the technical team at any point of time.

Recovering files from Macintosh:

Step 1: Point here your mouse to get the program on your Mac PC

Step 2: Launch the tool by following provided instructions

Step 3: You will find two different recovery options, i.e., Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery. Proceed with Lost File Recovery option

Step 4: Select the drives from where files need to be fetched and click on Next option

Step 5: Application begins to initiate scan mechanism on specified drive

Step 6: Upon completion of scan process, extracted files will be returned back

Step 7: Choose a viewing pattern among Data View and File Type View as per convenience

Step 8: End the process by saving the recovered files in some relevant storage location

Note that, you can run this program on all Mac OS X versions- including the latest Sierra

Preventive tips:

Always maintain a proper backup of important data files (via Time machine).

– Reconfirm before clearing Trash items.