New iOS Apps for Wikipedia

Today, Wikipedia has launched an upgraded version of iOS application. By using this application user can get information as well as they can upload their articles and images. This app has been optimized for Apple’s newer OS and latest iPhones i.e. 6s and 6s Plus. It support for 3D Touch and Spotlight Search integrations. This application is mobile friendly where user can utilize it every day for fact-checking purposes.

In past, this application has introduced useful features like offline access, mobile editing and fact editing etc. Now, all this features are supported with less prominent.

In the latest version, Wikipedia is mainly focusing on finding interesting things to read and personalization.  So user can explore their new ideas as well as they can read  and upload featured article, featured picture of the day, random articles, and nearby articles etc.

The upgraded version of iOS app support for navigating using multi-touch gestures including swipe, tap and 3D Touch from the app’s icon on the home-screen. By using this app you can open search, read a random article, see nearby articles or you can read your latest articles. In the latest version you can see new feature called Handoff. By using this feature you can save the articles as well as you can read it later. It is also available on offline mode and it provides image galleries as well as tools.  You can easily share the articles via social media or email. Top-ranked app will remains in the “Reference” category on the App Store. It’s usually in the top 15 or 20’s.

Many people don’t think of Wikipedia is a right place to explore their new ideas. Many will create their own blogs as will upload their articles. However, in the new version you can explore your thoughts. Here web content is surfaced through Apple’s Spotlight Search.

This app is well-designed and highly polished. You can download this application and can learn new things rather than goof off on Snap chat or Vine. The updated Wikipedia app is live on the iTunes App Store.