PS4 Games of 2016

Now let us discuss about the features of PS4 game of 2016:

 Uncharted 4: Among thieves:

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Uncharted 4: Among thieves is the one of the best PS4 Games of 2016. Here we mentioned about the game how it will work: When a grenade goes off in the market, the blast sends neatly stacked pineapples flying all over the place. During firefights, bullets splinter wood, break tile and hit sandbags with a satisfying punch. Then the action goes off road in a vehicle with Drake and companion Victor Sullivan smashing into fences and zipping through fields while in pursuit of their target.

The last Guardian:

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 Although there’s a chance of a delay, it seems The Last Guardian will finally debut on a Sony console; it began as a PS3 exclusive, then moved on to PS4. In it, players control a young boy attempting to make it out of some ruins with the help of Trico, a large creature with dog and griffin-like features. The game favors stealth and puzzle solving over combat, with gamers taking advantage of each character’s abilities and often working in tandem. The Sony faithful demanded The Last Guardian for so long the finished product may fall short of the immense hype, but so long as there’s a quality experience, the wait will be worth it.

Street fighter 5:

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Street Fighter 5 is the interesting game for newcomers. It adds a fair amount of depth for hardcore players as well. Combos are easier to perform, but now strategy is key in this intricate game of chess. With Capcom running early network beta tests, the company knows how important online play is. There will only be one release of Street Fighter 5, with new characters added frequently that can be purchased with real money.

Mirror edge catalyst:


Parkour enthusiast Faith Connors ran onto video game consoles almost eight years ago in the original Mirror’s Edge from Electronic Arts. The sequel provides more of the same, with players guiding Faith through the fictional city of Glass as she attempts to stick it to an evil conglomerate. Instead of relying on firearms, gamers punch and kick their way through KrugerSec forces, then complete numerous free-running challenges throughout this open-world environment, with a majority of time spent on top of buildings, jumping between rooftops and using zip lines to get around.

There are many games are available with good features of PS4 game of 2016.