Signs of Virus on Computer

A virus is an infectious agent that complicates and impacts the normal working of a computer. These computer viruses may be disguising itself within programs, folders/files or any other piece of virtual component that people regularly utilize. Besides this virus has capability of replicating itself by spreading its infections through portable devices as well.

There are large numbers of users across the world who regularly surf internet. Hence the malware authors/hackers target these internet users to spread virus. Thus users become victim of several viruses knowingly or unknowingly. Some malware appears to be genuine to users and therefore they install it on their system. But at some point of time it would act as a backdoor for hackers resulting in spreading virus and damaging computer system. Thus it’s necessary for everyone to know the signs of virus to prevent further damage to computer. In this article, a few major symptoms of virus infection have been listed out, please read further to know more.

Sign #1: Notice reduced speed/slowdown

Virus and other harmful malware programs have tendency to drastically slow down OS boot process, applications available on system, internet speed etc. But before concluding that your computer is not that responsive like it used to be previously, make sure that there is no lack of memory or bad sectors on hard disk. If that’s not the case, then there are chances that the slower performance is due to virus infection.

Sign #2: Frequent crashes

If users come across application crashes or Blue Screen of Death regularly, then there are possibilities that the computer is infected with virus. But sometimes program may crashes even due to incompatibility between software and hardware or due to logical errors/bugs in program. Hence make sure to keep only reliable software on system.

Sign #3: Observe strange hard drive activities

Any malware program may remotely perform several tasks on computer’s hard drive without user notice.  The files stored on hard drive may disappear all of a sudden or the file names may change. Users may also note that hard drive space becomes full even though it’s not been utilized – this is a trap used by suspicious programs to fill up physical storage space and confuse users.

Sign #4: Unknown web browser homepage/plugins/tools/pop-ups

There will be several strange changes made in Web browser without your input.

Example: A different home page, unwanted plugins and tools, unusual pop-ups etc.

It not only damages the computer indirectly but also is annoying to handle. Best solution to avoid this is to block pop-ups, disable unwanted tools available on browser and clear cookies/browser history.

Technique to eliminate virus from computer

After encountering any unnatural changes in computer, here is a short list of effective measures to be undertaken to avoid further risk or damage to system.

Deletion: Remove unnecessary application that you suspect is harmful in some or the other way

Install Anti-virus software: These programs detect and remove virus from system. Also prevents destructive malware from entering into your device.