SSD Keeps Crashing On Windows 8

Hi everyone,

Recently I installed a SSD drive on Windows 8 system. It was working fine, but today when I open the system I was getting unknown error message. I posted this issues in several forums, the suggestion was SSD drive was crashed. Due to this I was unable to perform any task on it. Is there any way I can fix the error issue? Please help me out!!All suggestion are most welcome!!

Many user will install SSD drive because it provides useful features like faster, more stable and conserve less power, which helps users in superior in every way. However, sometimes SSD drive fails to boot when it crashed due to unknown reason.

Here we listed symptoms of SSD drive crash:

  • Data cannot be read or written to the hard drive
  • PC/file system needs to be repaired
  • Active applications often freeze up and crash, will hear some beep noise
  • Frequent unknown errors message may occur
  • Generally running slow and user are unable to access the files.

Reason for corruption of SSD drive:

  • If bad sector is framed on the SSD drive by making data inaccessible
  • Due to viruses, SSD drive can be damaged
  • Without using proper procedure during OS installation or OS up gradation
  • Due to system bugs your SSD drive be cane be corrupted
  • File system corruption, catalog file system corruption, header corruption and so on of  the SSD drive

If SSD keeps crashing on Windows 8 due to above facts making data inaccessible don’t panic!!There is relevant application are available. Once SSD drive is corrupted don’t do any further task on it. So you can easily get back your impotent data from SSD drive with relevant software. Among them you can prefer Yodot hard drive Recovery.

This tool will regain data from SSD drive without modifying file content on Windows 8 system. This application has an ability to regain data from SSD drive which is corrupted or damaged due to several reason. This program will sorts file types from NTFS, FAT and ExFAT formatted drives. SSD drive recovery tool is compatible on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003.This software will rescue files from all types of hard drive (IDE, SCSI, SATA, SAS etc.)To avoid re –scan you can use resume recovery session.

Simple steps to recover data from SSD drive

Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application on Windows 8 system->Run and follow with the instruction which is displayed on main screen->You can go with “Partition Recovery” button to recover data from SSD drive-> Select the drive which indicates your SSD drive and click “Next” to continue->Then program starts scanning on the selected drive0->You can view the recovered files in data and file type view->Finally save the restored data on Windows 8 system.