Why Photos Don’t Appear In Recycle Bin After Deletion?

Recycle Bin has saved many of the users from unintentional deletion. But there are rules about what will and will not get placed into the Recycle Bin. Let us go through some of the reasons for images not falling into Recycle Bin after deletion –

  • Photo files will not go into Recycle Bin after deletion, if the Recycle Bin option is turned off
  • Deleted pictures larger than the Recycle size then it cannot be recycled
  • Whenever you delete any image using delete key, a dialogue box will appear asking whether you want to move it to Recycle Bin folder. Sometimes users do not see what is in dialogue box and hence disable save option. In this case, any file you delete will be permanently gone
  • If you hold down the Shift key when deleting a photo, it bypasses the Recycle Bin and gets deleted permanently
  • If you are a Windows Command Prompt user, then it’s important to realize that deleted files doesn’t use Recycle Bin at all

Let us see a real time scenario – “I accidentally deleted some of the images from picture folder on my Windows 8 by pressing delete key. I knew that they would be in the Recycle folder. But now photos don’t appear in recycle bin after deletion. Is there any way to get back my pictures??

If you come across such kind of situations, then do not panic. There is a solution to every problem. Try performing few basic checks on your system to retrieve back your photo files as follows –

1st Method: If you have a scheduled backup, then verify whether the images are backed up or not. If this doesn’t work then try the next method.

2nd Method: Go to Start -> click All Programs -> select Accessories -> then Command Prompt -> type chkdsk “drive letter” /f (for example, chkdsk E: /f). Then type Y. Now type the drive letter again and hit enter (for example, E:). Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and press enter key. This will restore all your picture files and saves into a new folder. Copy all the files and change the file extensions (for example, from .chk to .jpg)

After trying above methods if you’re still unable to bring back your picture files, then try using an efficient tool such as Yodot Photo Recovery. This application helps to find your images when Recycle Bin fails to displays them.

Steps to rescue pictures that bypass Recycle Bin:

  1. Tap here to download and install Yodot utility in your Window computer
  2. Run it to start the recovery process
  3. Two options will be displayed on main screen: “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option
  4. Then choose the drive from where you want to restore images
  5. This utility scans the selected drive and displays all retrievable pictures
  6. Mark the files that you require and click “Next”
  7. You can view the images by making use of “Preview” option
  8. Finally save the files into your desired folder by clicking on “Save”

Yodot program will aid you in regaining back different files such as audios, photos, videos and digital RAW picture. It also recovers images from storage devices like hard drive, memory card, media player and many more and also from various digital cameras. Supportive Windows versions are Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003.