Recover Files from Failed HDD Mac

Do you want to recover files from failed Mac volume? “I need to get this fixed fast. My Mac volume where I stored almost all vital files has become inaccessible without showing any symptoms. Yesterday, when I clicked on it, some unknown failure has happen. Please help! I can’t afford to lose data of MacContinue reading

Deleted Mac Partition Recovery

“Hi, I am in a bit frustrating situation with my Mac OS. Few days back one of my Mac Volume got full, which reduced my systems performance. So to optimize the PC, I extended the Mac partition with the help of inbuilt “Disk Utility” tool. During expansion process my machine turned off improperly, I don’tContinue reading

Repair Microsoft Word 2002

“I am using Microsoft Word 2002 application. Today when I try to open Word file, none of the file is opening, Instead, I receives an error message saying “Word was unable to read this document. It might be corrupt”. I don’t have any idea about this issue. If anyone came across similar problem, then pleaseContinue reading

Import Contact to Office 365

“I am surfing an efficient way to import contacts to office 365 from Outlook since long time. But unfortunately I couldn’t find any relevant means to do it. Can any of you know any right method to import contacts? Any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.” In what cases you need to import contacts? While movingContinue reading

How to Recover Word 2010 Documents?

“Hi, Today morning I was working on MS Office Word 2010 Documents, suddenly I terminated the Word application on Windows system without saving it. When I restarted the Word App, I couldn’t find those document. Can anyone tell me how to recover my Word 2010 document?” You can recover Word 2010 document files by followingContinue reading

How to retrieve Old Windows Files?

“Last week, I upgraded my Windows OS to higher version. After up gradation, my system was all-good, so I didn’t pay much attention to checking existing data. However, recently in need of few files, I searched entire system and got to know that many files are missing from old Windows. I think it all startedContinue reading

Retrieve Deleted File from MacBook Pro

“I have MAC OS X 10.7 MacBook pro. I accidentally deleted one folder; it has numerous vital files inside. And I don’t know to how to bring back those files. Please advise me how to recover deleted files on MacBook Pro.” There are many ways to restore deleted files on MacBook Pro. File deletion isContinue reading

New iOS Apps for Wikipedia

Today, Wikipedia has launched an upgraded version of iOS application. By using this application user can get information as well as they can upload their articles and images. This app has been optimized for Apple’s newer OS and latest iPhones i.e. 6s and 6s Plus. It support for 3D Touch and Spotlight Search integrations. This applicationContinue reading